The Buda Baptist Church was established in 1924 with members mostly from the Baptist Orphanage and believers living nearby.

The church was built in 1965. It was the first church building to receive planning permission from the communist regime.

Today the church has 170 members. As is the case with other Hungarian Baptist churches, anyone freely making a public declaration of his or her faith, may become a member of the Buda Baptist Church.

We also run a Mothers’ League. All mothers bringing up children are welcome to join. Besides regular bible study sessions, there are opportunities to discuss everyday issues – not only child rearing. The Mothers’ League meets once a month.

There is also a monthly prayer meeting for pensioners at 10am on the Tuesday following the first Sunday of the month.

In 2000 we started a mission outreach at Christmas time: programmes for underprivileged children in our vicinity are now organised four times a year. These programmes are well received, attracting 60-80 guests on each occasion.

In addition, we pay regular visits to the Kamaraerdei Idősek Otthona (Home for the Elderly in Kamaraerdő). We are responsible for a sermon there on the third Sunday afternoon of every month.

Our church is a member of the Hungarian Baptist Union. We also strive to build strong relationships with other churches in our area. Accordingly we meet together at inter-church prayer meetings on a regular basis.

Everyone who is seeking the Lord Jesus Christ is cordially invited to our church services. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome.

In order to give all English speaking visitor our best help, including translation, please give us a call when planning your visit to the Buda Baptist Church!

Please contact:

Zoltan Kiss
Phone: +36208864881

About our youth group
We are very thankful to God, because of the growth of this group (age 13-35) in our church. It is a bit difficult to describe the feeling of a youth-gathering (we meet not only on friday evenings...), so we decided to make a short video about us:
Introduction Vorstellung
Keresés Budai Baptista Gyülekezet
Rendszeres alkalmak
09:15 - Imaóra
10:00 - Istentisztelet
17:00 - Istentisztelet

18:30 - Bibliaóra

18:00 - Ifjúsági Bibliaóra

Helyszín: itt

Minden hónap harmadik vasárnap délután a Kamaraerdei Idősek Otthonában tartjuk az istentiszteletet, az Alsóhegy utcában ekkor nincs összejövetel.


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